• Giraffe & Peacock Placemat
Killy & Co

Giraffe & Peacock Placemat

Muriel the giraffe and George the peacock

Here is one of nature’s great miracles; elegant, beautiful, captivating and then there’s Muriel – lanky, clumsy and always nibbling.  Her favourite film is The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and she adores Kylie.  Oh how she wishes that she were as marvellous and glam as George – it’s so wasted on him!

These colourful and heat resistant place mats are designed by Killy to keep you smiling and are all made in England. Mix and match to your hearts content and most importantly have fun at all times. 

  • Matt finish, heat resistant melamine 
  • 25 mm diameter and 5 mm thick
  • Baize backing
  • Made in England



  • £12.00