• Ebb Mug  Pink and Turquoise
Jo Deakin

Ebb Mug Pink and Turquoise

Make time for yourself with this design which has a more refined line, a more subtle pattern and a calming sense all round.  It tones down the colours for the quieter times of life.  A bedtime herbal tea at the end of a busy day goes brilliantly with this range. The Ebb mug is a generous size and because of the quality it keeps your beloved drink of choice warm and comforting.  The mug is perfect for the first cup of the day or for a reviving afternoon break.


Pink and turquoise 

Pink is an incredibly difficult colour to achieve on fired bone china but this particular shade is both sophisticated and up-lifting.  The turquoise sits so well with it and makes a very calming but individual combination.



375ml   |  Height 9cm   |  Diameter 8.5cm


Dishwasher safe 

Also comes carefully packaged in a bright and brilliant bespoke box, making it the perfect gift.