• Ebb Cup and Saucer : Blue and Turquoise
Jo Deakin

Ebb Cup and Saucer : Blue and Turquoise

Re-energising and refreshing in design, rejuvenate your spirits with this stunning pattern which is versatile in being both bold yet elegant. Afternoon tea or a lively coffee goes really well with this collection. It is a great addition to any table, no matter what size of occasion. The Ripple cup and saucer is perfect for treating yourself to a special and sophisticated break. They really suit being mixed and matched with the colour choices to add a contemporary twist to any table.


Blue and turquoise 

If mixing and matching across colour combinations, the blue and turquoise sit along side the others so well. The turquoise is the same shade used in the pink combination and when building a range from these more pastel and subdued tones, this makes a fantastic refreshing collection, it is the combination I have in my kitchen cupboards.



375ml   |   Height including saucer 7.5cm

Diameter of cup 11cm   |   including saucer 17cm


Dishwasher safe 

Also comes carefully packaged in a bright and brilliant bespoke box, making it the perfect gift.