• Blocks for Infants - Rigolo

Blocks for Infants - Rigolo

Djeco Stacking Cubes is a delightful version of a classic toddler stack toy that comes in bright, appealing colours with fun images that will give very young children plenty to look at and absorb.

Djeco Funny Blocks has 10 blocks with one side featuring animals, another toddlers doing day to day things, another animal characters climbing a ladder and finally a side featuring numbers and objects to count – plenty to inspire and educate the little ones.

These highly education toddler toys will help develop motor skills as children pile the blocks on top of each other, matching skills as they fit the pieces together in the correct order, assist with learning words for familiar objects and actions and counting basic numbers.  Fantastic value for money Djeco Stacking Cubes are an ideal gift for a baby's first or second birthday.

Djeco Funny Blocks stack inside each other to neat storage and come in a cubed box measuring 15 by 15 by 15cms