• Keith Dinky Espresso
Killy & Co

Keith Dinky Espresso

As a pup it was Keith’s ability to demonstrate algebraic equations with bananas and tree bark, that first highlighted his superior thumb dexterity and intellect. He’s now a life member of MENSA and holds the Rubik’s Cube world record.

Our dinky espresso mugs are all made in England in a place called Stoke-on-Trent, which is the absolute business for pottery. We worked there to make our perfect espresso mug in delicate earthenware and brilliantly cheerful colours. They have really great-to-hold handles that taper back into the cup (which is actually Killy’s favourite bit). It all looks quite simple but actually it’s not, so we’re really very pleased with ourselves.

  • Not suitable for use in microwave
  • Handwash recommended 
  • Made in England
  • Approx 6cm tall x 5.5cm diameter
  • $14.00